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Danelaw Coffee Better Images Case Study


Danelaw Coffee is based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire and was founded by Coffee lover and Q-Arabica Grader, David Jameson. David is a two time UK Coffee in Good Spirits Champion and has judged and mastered at Coffee events all across Europe.  

David has dedicated over 16 years of his life to Coffee! His mission is to simplify specialty coffee buying for customers, whilst retaining interesting facts and stories about the world of coffee. Danelaw supplies their coffee range from sustainable and responsible sources and works with a multitude of Colombian coffee farms and suppliers to give customers great authentic coffee. Danelaw also offers accessories so that customers can make high quality coffee from the comfort of their own homes to give individuals the luxury feel of a cafe blend. Founder David met Frame through the NatWest Accelerator Programme in Leeds. Co-Founder & CEO Hannah Bratley introduced our Better Images service which immediately impressed. 

Headline Statistics 


Higher Ranking



Additional Product Images



Sales Uplift

Before: Original 

After: Better Images 

After: Better Images

Frame’s Approach & Solution 

Better Images by Frame cleverly takes existing product images from eCommerce websites and when put through our algorithm, it produces more Images without the need to spend time, effort and money to put their products under a studio camera. In addition to this, we offer Image SEO optimisation to improve product listings. We benchmark the whole site against a number of factors, resulting in a score out of 100.

We put Danelaw’s images through Frame’s unique rigorous image analysis process which looks at the following:

  • Number of images
  • Type of product images 
  • Images size 
  • Product size
  • AI object and text recognition
  • Brightness
  • Colour content

“Better Images by Frame transformed my products online. I used my smartphone to take my initial images which weren’t bad by any means, but Frame made them extra special and saved me the time and expense of having a photo shoot – win win! I was staggered to learn that my products that had gone through Better Images generation had an uplift of 37%, I couldn’t recommend their e-commerce solution highly enough.” – Founder David Jameson

Danelaw Challenges & Results 

We ran a comprehensive competitor analysis and concluded that Danelaw scored low on content and the number of images included with products. Danelaw’s closest competitor included a wider range of shots, with the coffee shown both in and out of the packaging, specific lifestyle shots and shots of the product in an emotive setting being used.

Danelaw’s product image sets had small Image sizes but thrived in colour with higher bit-depth and resolution meaning they are above average for online eCommerce websites. Danelaw, whilst having relevant pictures, had one product listing of each product and the object detection was low due to the product being packaged. Furthermore, our text detection was able to pick out text easily due to the images being clear which is of paramount importance when appealing to customers…

It is no secret that SEO is a massive part of any online business. Danelaw has a virality of Image SEO practices. One thing we identified was that the large majority of Images were .jpg. However, some were .gif and .png which are both larger in memory which can delay load times. Danelaw succeeded in file names with accessories. However, coffee products’ filenames mostly lacked consistency and had alphanumeric strings. Alt-text was the largest downfall of Danelaw’s Image SEO, no alt-text has been allocated to images, which meant the alt-text automatically defaulted to the file name.

In Summary 

We integrated with Danelaw’s Square Space platform, and monitored and analysed uplift over a 4-week period when the new and improved product images were live.

The outcome? We measured an uplift of 37% on the products we analysed, in comparison to the test set.

Danelaw has also noticed better visibility on search engines. Previously customers and followers of Danelaw struggled to find the website, but now Danelaw ranks within the top 3 consistently due to improved file names, short descriptive alt-text and a better file extension convention, which improves load times and overall efficiency for Danelaw and has  increased their online sales.  


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