Exploring the hidden value of Better Images

Exploring the hidden value of our eCommerce product Better Images with Bagstock & Bumble 

Better Images is an innovative e-commerce product that provides high-quality product images to businesses. The product takes the challenge of finding the right images for products off the hands of businesses and provides them with images that are consistent, visually appealing and of the highest quality. Better Images can put products in the setting, products in use as well as increase vibrancy and resolution. It also improves the colour palette of the image.

Initially, Better Images provided new images for products, however, through exploring new technologies, we found that Better Images can go above and beyond, enabling us to offer updated images by incorporating seasonality.

We see seasonality in person all the time, whether it be visiting your local clothing store or your traditional supermarket, the atmosphere and the products are mostly, if not all, focussed around the seasons. By incorporating seasonality into its images, Better Images provides businesses with images that are not only high-quality but also relevant to the current season. This helps to keep their products fresh and relevant, reduces creative burnout and ensures that customers are presented with images in line with the time of year.

Before Better Images 

After Better Images

After Better Images

This is where Katherine, Founder of Bagstock and Bumble enlisted the help of our Better Images service to add a festive sparkle to her range of bespoke chocolates. Katherine’s initial images were spot on, however, some lines weren’t selling as much as customers weren’t associating certain products with the season. Better Images added a festive sparkle meaning that a lot more of Katherine’s products were in line with the time of year and appealing to consumers’ emotive desire to buy chocolates for a loved one around Christmas.

Bagstock & Bumble take the highest quality, fair-trade Belgian chocolate and covers it with sarcasm, or anything that the heart desires. Founder Katherine Speakman started making chocolates in 2013. She began with a Christmas stall selling chocolate lollies and from there Katerine started selling online and had her first big hit with their ‘I Tolerate You’ lolly. It was then she realised that whilst people like buying chocolates for their loved ones… if they can give them a tongue-in-cheek kick-in-the-teeth at the same time then so much the better!  As well as their range of sweet treats and gifts, Katherine can also produce bespoke designs for parties, weddings or business events.

“I’d not considered the impact that theming my images would have over the festive buying season. It makes complete sense now. So many products we buy all year round will change their packaging in time for Christmas. Many of us will buy butter in our weekly grocery shop but think about how the packaging changes in line with the seasons, as do the supermarkets themselves. It makes complete sense to spruce up your store online to also appeal to the season. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Valentine’s, Easter and Summer will bring!” – Katherine Speakman, Founder of Bagstock & Bumble

In short, Better Images is not just a product that provides new images for products, but also an innovative tool that keeps images up-to-date and relevant by incorporating seasonality into its images. This helps e-commerce businesses to provide their customers with a seamless and engaging shopping experience and gives online visitors the bricks and mortar experience of shopping on the high street.