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Made in Japan (MIJ) is a company that sources and sells exquisite Japanese tableware. Founded by Rosie and Philip, the company was born out of frustration with low-quality, uninteresting tableware. MIJ believes that mealtimes should be an experience to be savoured, and their tableware aims to do just that, elevating daily moments and sparking conversation. Most of their products are sourced from small, family-run kilns in Gifu, with the rest from all over Japan. MIJ is passionate about bringing the love and care that goes into making their products to the homes of their customers.

“We can’t believe the impact that Better Images have on our products. A 50% sales uplift is a big deal for any business!” – Co-Founder Rosie 

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Frame’s Approach & Solution 

Better Images by Frame cleverly takes existing product images from eCommerce websites and when put through our algorithm, it produces more high-quality Images without the need to spend time, effort and money to put their products under a studio camera. In addition to this, we offer Image SEO optimisation to improve product listings. We benchmark the whole site against a number of factors, resulting in a score out of 100.

We put Made In Japan’s product images through Frame’s unique rigorous image analysis process which looks at the following:

  • Number of images
  • Type of product images 
  • Images size 
  • Product size
  • AI object and text recognition
  • Brightness
  • Colour content

Made in Japan Analysis & Results 

Clear and high-quality images are an important aspect of visual communication and can greatly enhance the user experience on a website. In order to achieve high-quality images, it is crucial to pay attention to several key factors. Here are some good points and areas for improvement that we carried out for Made In Japan

Areas of Success

Made In Japan has a consistent theme of images across its product set is an important aspect of presenting a professional and cohesive visual brand identity. This means that all product images should have a similar style, colour scheme, and visual elements that are consistent with the brand’s overall aesthetic.

Consistency in image themes ensures that customers can easily identify the brand and its products, even when browsing through multiple different items. This can help to establish brand recognition and trust, which are essential for building customer loyalty. In addition to having a consistent theme, Made In Japan’s product images are of good size and quality. High-quality images that are clear, sharp, and visually appealing attract customers and showcase the product in the best possible light. Images that are too small or low-quality can detract from the product’s appeal and make it hard for the potential customers to see the product and may make it more difficult for customers to make a purchasing decision. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that images are of the appropriate size and resolution to convey the necessary details and features of the product.

Areas for Improvement:

Having more images for certain products can be beneficial in providing customers with a better understanding of the product’s features, dimensions, and overall appearance. This is especially true for products that are complex or have multiple components. Providing more images can also help to reduce returns and customer dissatisfaction by ensuring that customers have a more accurate representation of the product before purchasing.

Images of products in use and in-setting can provide customers with a better understanding of how the product looks and functions in real-world scenarios. This can help customers to visualise how the product might fit into their lives or homes and can also help to highlight key features or benefits of the product.

Including more vibrant backgrounds in the product, images can help to catch the viewer’s eye and make the product stand out in a crowded marketplace. Bright, bold colours or interesting textures can add visual interest to the product and make it more attractive to potential customers.

SEO Analysis

It is no secret that SEO is a massive part of any online business. Companies have a virality of Image SEO practices. Good Image SEO practices we identified was that the large majority of Images were .jpg. products images were not optimised to their full potential and filenames were image.jpg which a search engine would not recognise a piece of homeware. Alternative-Text descriptions were reasonable, but there was room for improvement as they could be more descriptive to reach a wider audience and stand out better on the search engines. 

In Summary 

Frame’s image analysis process has found that the Made Japan products images had a consistent theme, good quality and size. However, improvements could be made by adding more images to certain products, including images of products in use and in-setting, using more vibrant backgrounds, and optimising image SEO practices such as alternative text descriptions. All these changes that Better Images have made as optimised Made in Japan’s eCommerce site as a whole and resulted in an uplift in sales of 50%

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