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Frame offers a range of off-the-shelf solutions that are accessible immediately and come with a trial to see if they’re right for your business.

Our technology solutions fit seamlessly into your day-to-day processes and can help your teams stay compliant, efficient, and competitive. In addition to computer vision, we have provided expert solutions for data resources, strategy, and custom data science projects. We are also constantly developing new APIs and working with businesses on bespoke solutions. If you have an idea for a project, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Trust Frame’s powerful technology and expertise to drive key performance metrics and extract valuable insights from your images. Explore our solutions today and see how we can bring significant impact to your business.

Partner Testimonial

“The strategy and vision that Frame have brought to Sorted have allowed us to accelerate our carrier offering and begin to unlock and harness the potential that the vast amount of data flowing through the Sorted platform holds.”

Edward Osborne

Customer Enablement Director at Sorted Group

“We needed a partner that could be agile in the service and support they provide. Frame have absolutely been the right solution for us and met and exceeded our requirements without fail. The way and speed at which they understood our business and the problems we were looking to solve was second to none.”

Paul Schofield, CPO


“Frame build solutions that work. They rise to the data challenge every time.”

Alessandro Zerillo, Found Director


“Frame have built us a state of the art computer vision solution. Their mastery of the technology alongside their detailed understanding of the business requirements is what sets them apart.”

Ross Hall-Galley, Head of Technology & Business Change

Dee Set

“We’ve loved working with Liam and the team over the years after getting to know him through the Manchester tech scene. The guy certainly knows his stuff and we’ve always appreciated his advice and perspective as an industry expert.”

Dan Billington, Principal Consultant

Burns Sheehan

“We had a client with a need to plug into a computer vision apid, fast. Frame were on hand to deliver a tailored solution for them, fitting the existing needs as well as creating a future proof way of working”

Liam Wilson, Principal Consultant

Cathcart Associates

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